" Don’t surrender to doubt be led by the dreams in your heart. "

Established in 1999, Lapis Luna translates to “stone” and “moon”. Over the past 20 years, we have been on a journey to produce exceptional wines from incredible California vineyards. Our wines deliver fresh and vibrant fruit, balanced with lively acidity and good structure, creating true-to-varietal expressions that can be enjoyed every night of the week.

The label artwork originated with 400-year-old copperplate engravings from the early 1600s, published by the poet Herman Hugo. Meneer Hugo was born in Brussels, Belgium. In 1624, he published the popular book “Pia Desideria” (Loving Desires) containing engravings and emblems of love. The book became a classic of seventeenth century. Each Lapis Luna label shows a faceless hero overcoming obstacles in a timeless story of aspiration and redemption. The quest depicted on the bottles reflects the hero’s journey to reach for the moon.

Our Inspirational Wine Maker

With over 25 years of experience in the wine industry, Nicole Walsh has held every position in wine production including Winemaking, Vineyard Management, Grower Relations, and Property Development.

Originally from Saginaw, MI, Nicole graduated with honors from Michigan State University with a major in Horticulture/Viticulture at a time when this undergraduate department comprised of two students. This rare opportunity gave her a hands-on opportunity to be guided by graduate professors in Horticulture with a focus on growing grapes and making wine.  During her last semester, she attended a sustainable agriculture institution Universidad E.A.R.T.H. in Costa Rica. It was there that she became proficient in the Spanish language and solidified her commitment to sustainable agriculture.

Photo by: www.wildu.co

Forging her own path as a female winemaker in a male dominated field, Nicole expresses that “it is empowering for other women to see a woman making wine. Women customers, when they taste the wine and I tell them I am the winemaker, their eyes light up, there is interest, more questions asked.”

Nicole Walsh is living the quintessential California dream as an avid surfer and winemaker living at the ocean’s edge with her husband and two sons in Santa Cruz, CA. Her passion continues to be an inspiration to us all.

2024 Full Moon Calendar

1/25/2024 – WOLF MOON

02/24/2024 – SNOW MOON

03/25/2024 – WORM MOON

04/23/2024 – PINK MOON

05/23/2024 – FLOWER MOON

06/21/2024 – STRAWBERRY MOON

07/21/2024 – BUCK MOON

08/19/2024 – STURGEON MOON

09/17/2024 – BLUE MOON

09/17/2024 – HARVEST MOON

10/17/2024 – BLOOD MOON

11/15/2024 : BEAVER MOON

12/15/2024 : COLD MOON